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Disposable underpads or incontinence underpads are kinda great incontinence solutions. They are usually placed under a bed, chair, or underwear, etc. With high absorbency and quite convenient features, super-absorbent incontinence pads for man are getting more and more popular. As a professional disposable underpads factory, we design and manufacture quality underpads with various parameters. Besides, we have strong R&D and production capability to provide private label service that can actually meet the requirements of worldwide customers. In addition, adult underpads for sale in our company enjoy a good performance and affordable price. All our products have been obtained ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO9001, CE, FDA, etc, international certificates. Are you looking for a reliable underpads OEM? Get in touch with us for the best price.

disposable underpad for sale

At present, disposable underpads are developing in the direction of being drier, more comfortable, thinner, and more personal. However, there are few varieties of products on the market so that customers don’t have many choices, the design of product structure and comfort level has certain problems. While subdividing the market, it is necessary to innovate technology and improve the quality of products. incontinence bed pads have been widely used in nursing units such as medical institutions and nursing homes in developed countries in Europe and America. The conventional size is 60x90cm. After years of feedback from customers in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia, we are constantly upgraded our products to meet the needs of our customers and they all think highly of our service.

features of soulcare adult underpads
  1. Ultra-soft non-woven top: high quality ultra-soft top layer keeps a dry and comfortable surface.
  2. Diamond embossed texture design: the texture of diamond are helpful to the liquid fast distribution and absorption.
  3. Super absorption core: Dual absorbent core designed for fast and firmly liquid-locking.
  4. Leakage proof and breathable back film: leakage proof PE back film with breathable design protect from leakage and airtight
  5. Odor control: high-quality world brand SAP and fluff pulp effectively reduce the unpleasant odors and prevent bacterial growth.
disposable bed pads manufacturer

The concentration and monopoly of the disposable underpad market have made large enterprises gradually reduce their investment in technological innovation, market segmentation, and marketing. In the field of adult incontinence, market segmentation is very important, because It’s not just older people who can be incontinent. There are millions of young people who suffer from incontinence worldwide. They are often ignored because they are ashamed to mention that. Therefore, manufacturers should design different types of products according to user gender, weight, and exercise intensity. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of incontinence products in China, Henan Yeesain Health Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a professional hygiene products company integrating R&D, production, sales, and service. We have a professional R&D department and advanced production equipment to follow the direction of industry development to produce excellent disposable underpads.

incontinence bed pads price

The price of disposable incontinence bed pads are not stable, and the product price is determined by the raw materials used and other factors. Our company can provide 60x90cm, 60x60cm, or customized, and the weight of SAP of each piece of disposable bed pads can also be customized. There are some other materials, such as a back sheet sticker and bottom film. The specific price is determined comprehensively based on the raw materials that need to be used.

how do disposable underpads work

Disposable underpads are a relatively common disposable sanitary product. disposable underpads can effectively prevent the excretion of dirt from leaking on the sheets and keep the sheets clean. In order to enable you to use disposable underpads with confidence, we hereby introduce you to the following methods of using disposable underpads:

1.Let the user lie on his side, unfold the underpad and fold it inward by about 1/3, and place it on the user’s waist;

2.Let the user turn over and lie on his side, flatten the folded side;

3.After laying flat, let the user lie down and confirm the position of the underpad so that the user can rest in bed at ease, and they can turn over and change the sleeping position at will without worrying about side leakage.

excellent ODM/OEM service

Established in 2002, we are the leading disposable underpads manufacturer and supplier in China. And we provide professional OEM&ODM service to greatly benefit your business. We have highly skilled staff and advanced equipment to make sure the rich products and fast delivery of our products. Nowadays, we have designed and manufactured disposable underpads for over 30 countries and regions. If you want to find a professional underpads private label solutions provider, it is a good start to contact us for a free quotation.

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