Slide Soulcare Disposable Washcloth

Soulcare disposable washcloths are super soft, cloth-like body cleansing wipes. They are engineered to clean and refresh skin after some leakage or diaper change. The wipes are adult-sized, allowing for easier and quicker cleanup. Thay are paraben- and alcohol-free, enriched with aloe vera, lotion and vitamin E. Soulcare adult body wipes are perfect for thorough cleansing of any body surface.

  1. Ultra-soft and hypoallergenic fabric, to protect body skin
  2. The thick, quilted texture ensures thorough cleansing that’s gentle on skin
  3. Each wipe is enhanced with aloe, vitamin E and lotion, soften and moisture the skin
  4. Adult-sized: 8’’x12’’, make it quicker and easier for body cleanup
  5. You can choose mild-scented wipes or fragrance free ones according to your preference
  6. Latex free, alcohol free

Soulcare provides professional one-stop customization services. We can customize the products you need according to your requirements, then put them into production and complete the process within the specified time. Whether it is raw materials or packaging design, we can design and manufacture it according to your needs.

Soulcare disposable washcloth can bring peace of mind to the users. Soulcare adult diapers and disposable washcloth can be matched to use. They can make the overwhelmingly difficult process of caring for someone with incontinence or severe Alzheimer’s much easier.