Slide Incontinence Pads

Diaper pads for adults, also called incontinence pads, are usually used with diapers. It is not recommended to use them alone. Generally speaking, most paralyzed, incontinent and disabled adults and the elderly will use adult incontinence pads. A small number of people who drive or work for a long time will use diaper pads for adults. The combination of adult diapers and diaper pads can not only increase the absorption, but also save the cost.

  • The soft breathable non-woven top sheet keeps the body dry and comfortable;
  • SAP and fluff absorber with rhombic embossment assures high absorbency;
  • Leak-guard design prevents liquid side leakage;
  • The bottom water-proof film ensures you of cleanliness;
  • PE film with eye-able appearance can make the user feel better;
  • Multiple-use characteristic: can be used as pad independently and can be inserted in the diaper.

As one of the leading disposable incontinence products manufacturers in China, we have highly rich experience and strong capability to offer excellent diaper pads for adults. With professional OEM/ODM teams and advanced equipment, we provide a one-stop service to meet all your requirements. The size, logo, pattern, material, etc. All can be customized according to your needs. Besides, the cost of our incontinence pads is definitely favorable and affordable compared with many other disposable pads manufacturers. Furthermore, located in Zhengzhou city, we enjoy extremely convenient transportation conditions. Therefore, we can ensure fast delivery.  Welcome to leave your requirements to start your business.

SOULCARE, one of the most famous brands of Yeesain Health Technology Co., Ltd. We have been involved in the design, research, and manufacturing of disposable incontinence pads for over 19 years. And there is a strong capacity for us to provide OEM service. Besides, we have highly skilled staff and advanced equipment to ensure the high performance and good quality of our products. Are you looking for a reliable incontinence pads manufacturer that can provide private label service? Leave your message below!

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